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REINVENTS & MODERNIZED EASYCONNECT has MODERNIZED the exchange of contact information and made it simple and easy. REINVENTED the way people share contact information and strive for IMPROVEMENT while keeping our valuable users in mind.

Exchanging Contacts haven't been so easy

Do you find sharing your contacts details fussy, taking out your visiting card and handing them to your client? What if they aren’t able to hold on to it, if they drop or misplace your visiting card, then your contact details are tough to hunt down? What if you aren’t handy with visiting cards? Isn’t it time consuming to share your details with friends, colleague or mate that you met recently?

So many issues and one quick solution - EasyConnect - Contacts Card. Easy Connect has got your back with fashionista application that enables you to exchange phone number that too with a mere simplicity. It sounds cool and more fascinating when you do it, taking your phone out and getting your QR code scanned and Kudos – yours contact would be saved directly into the another person’s device.

Meeting new people? Exchange contacts with just a single click

Professional lifestyle is taking aim all over us and we often switch over mobile technology moving on from our older device towards the advancing technology in search of security and ease of access. EasyConnect - Contacts Card enables you to exchange contacts details with people you meet at your workplace, social hubs, during your travel, business meets or seminars. Application generates a QR code encompassing all mandatory information that you wish to share with a person. You can name your business card the way you like and include every detail in it, be it your e-mail, contact address, contact phone number or so. Just ask your mate to point their camera at your QR code to quickly exchange phone number and vice versa. If a person already has contact number then app doesn’t create another one, app notifies the user about it.

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I feel more connected now

"I travel many countries for business purpose and change my contact number very often, I like the way the app notifies about my phone number update so I am always connected to them."
Best networking app

"I no more use business cards, EasyConnect is my business card."
Loved new way of searching

"It's so amazing the way I can search using date and location when I met the people. It is a great feature."
Best contact manager app

"I like the way it solves all problems related to contacts such as promting for duplicate contacts, automatic backup for contacts and exchanging phone numbers."
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Cloud Backup - Anytime - Anywhere

Expanding business and clientele is always encouraged by industrialists and in the efforts of to do so we change our contact numbers very frequently. Are you a business a person or a company delegate that has to travel overseas for business or professional purpose and face trouble to access contacts of your clients?

We love to travel and meet new people, hangout with mates at work, change devices often and we need a backup service that is accessible from any corner of the world.

EasyConnect - Contacts Card app backs up your contacts over cloud that can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time with just a mere connectivity of internet. Travel the world freely with no worries and explore people as much as you can, exchange contact number with EasyConnect - Contacts Card and avail complimentary cloud backup.

Customer Satisfaction, that's what we AIM for

We respect our customer’s security cum privacy and continuously improve our services for them. Each user has its unique secure QR code that one can scan for contact transfer between one another with alongside handy cloud backup services. We have roughly 5 percent hike in our customer’s achieving new heights every day, and encouraging more contacts transfer with reduced redundancy of contacts, i.e. delivering best in class services. We keep our services simple and always up to date.