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Work – Social Gatherings – Parties – Family Functions and so on are always refreshing and we love to be part of them. People we come across during these functions are most of the times new and few are existing from our social circle. We enjoy the moment with people and often come to know that we need to be in touch with some due to some or another reason. It is messy, time consuming and outdated method to share contacts manually feeding contact directory of your phone. Easy Connect – Contacts Card has brought you completely fascinating methodology to exchange phone number within your vicinity with just a scan of personal yet beautiful technology.

Extraordinary features of business card organizer app

Easy Connect - Contacts Card, app for Contacts Exchange comes with fabulous feature that promise to take your mind away into creativity. Scan to Exchange, Free Cloud Backup, Always up to date, Secure, Easy Search option and No duplicate data are promising features of the best business card scanner app and Easy Connect offers you all of them with fluidity at your fingertips.

Free Cloud Backup enables you to get thru your contacts anytime anywhere in any corner of the world. Just an internet connectivity and you can access thru your contacts on any device. No worries of lost device or data sweeping would trouble you anymore. Download Easy connect, business card organizer app and backup your contacts over cloud at no extra cost. Put in your contacts details and get your custom code and ask your friend to scan the code with app camera to exchange phone number within a flash. Easy search options make every contact available to you with easy, by searching contact for you based upon your favourite attributes such as last name, point of meet, date contact saved and much more.

No matter if your friend has changed the contact or not, iPhone business card scanner always keeps you updated with new contact number of your colleague, mate or family friend. Business card organizer app keeps no duplicate contacts on its list, indeed if one scan the QR code of a person he met and contact existed, app notifies user significantly with no duplicity of contacts leaving no trace of confusion of user for user.

Its complete safe, secure and privacy oriented.